Life of Ally

Here I’m going to share personal blog posts with what’s been happening in my personal equestrian life, away from just the product tests!


October 2017 – A review of a manic Month!

So for my first personal monthly review I have to mention why it is I have the photo at the top of the page!
Well, this is me and my two friends Hannah and Hayley; we make up only part of the Ladies of Lenté Side Saddle troupe! Follow our antics on Facebook:
The Ladies of Lente

We took part in the very prestigious London Riding Horse Show, which is invitation only and is held at Hyde Park in the very heart ofside2 the city. Not many people can say they’ve had a canter on Rotten Row – the home of Side Saddle! Paddy has only had the side saddle on since July, so not long at all. For his first attempt he did very well being placed third in a strong side saddle class! Well done Paddy Star!

Side Saddle is something I’m very passionate about; I’ve been competing aside for a number of years now; showing only though as I don’t have a saddle suitable to jump in…yet!

So, October through to April usually is the time of year when the horse shows wind down for me; time to start fittening for next season, trying new things and upping the A game. 2018 is going to see big things for me and the Padster, so a few months of little or no shows sounds pretty sweet! Lots of lessons and schooling sessions, not to mention hacking around the woods astride and side saddle – sounds perfect!


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