ProTector Xtreme Matte Helmet

So this little beauty is from my friends at PROtector Helmets – it is the PROtector Xtreme Matte, of course in black with cerise (pink) lines.

I voiced my opinion (don’t I always?) to the guys at Protector “look, buying an expensive helmet is all well and good, but if I fall off I’ll have to replace it! I can’t afford that!” Especially after witnessing my friend Chantel cracking her skull cap helmet into two perfect halves falling only a few years ago!! But Protector test their helmets to the highest safety standard – SNELL E2001, which basically means you can run this hat over with a car, then put it back on and ride in it! (Though of course I wouldn’t recommend you try it – if you do, you obviously have far too much time on your hands! 😂)
Any damage that occurs in your helmet, whether it be cosmetic or from a fall, take it back and the team can fix it. Now you can’t say that about other helmet manufacturers now can you?
They’re approved by Pony Club, BD, BSJA, BHS and of course the skull cap model is BE approved too.

Comfort wise; I got a size smaller than I usually take in my Gatehouse HS1 as it’s a different sort of shape, and it proves very comfortable! I’ve showjumped in it, schooled and hacked in it, finding it both comfortable and not too hot & sticky!
On Sunday I had it on all day at a local show and I must admit my ‘hat hair’ was not as bad as it normally is!

Want to try one for yourself? You can order online from their website
Or visit their Facebook page (tagged at the top) and see which big show they’ll be attending next; at least then you can try on their different designs and see what suits you best! (The ultimate with diamontes is next on my list!) 😍🏇🏿
I may make a video in a few days so let me know what you’d like to see! 👍🏻
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Stübben Soft Touch Rollerball spurs

My Stübben collection is forever growing!
Although I have a pair of Prince of Wales spurs that I’m so in love with, I felt it was time to try something new and invest in a Steeltec pair.
The Steeltec range is also where my Maxi Irons are from 😍proper quality metal crafted to perfection 👌🏻
They have such a wide range of spurs but I went for the soft touch, as in side saddle in particular one must be very particular with her aids.
They didn’t disappoint and are now a key tool in my schooling – I’ll be interested to see how Paddy responds showjumping in them too.
I purchased these and the spur straps from Ayr Equestrian 😁a great shop; whenever they have a stand at Olympia or Hickstead I never leave empty handed!

Check out more of their Stübben UK & Irelandgoodies;