ThunderBrooks Healthy Herbal Treats

My friends at Thunderbrook Equestrian have done it again with more healthy herbal good stuff – this time treats!
thunPriced at just under £4 for a nice 1kg sized bag, that’s not bad value. The bag itself is like the old fashioned brown paper bags you get at greengrocers, love it. Pretty sure they’re bio degradable too.
The treats themselves are molasses free, low in sugar and smell gorgeous. When you open the bag an aroma of mint hits you like a sweet soft peppermint pillow. Mmmmm 😋
Needless to say Paddy likes them! Paddy will eat most things you put infront of him though to be fair 🙈
They fit nicely into my pockets – turning out in the morning I normally take about 3 or 4. And they’re not crumbly so don’t leave a mess in my pocket like other horse treats do!

So would I recommend these? Of course. And those of you watching your horse’s weight of sugar content I’d deffo look into these treats!

Thank you Thunderbrooks for another great product! 👍🏻🏇🏿

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