Stübben Soft Touch Rollerball spurs

My Stübben collection is forever growing!
Although I have a pair of Prince of Wales spurs that I’m so in love with, I felt it was time to try something new and invest in a Steeltec pair.
The Steeltec range is also where my Maxi Irons are from 😍proper quality metal crafted to perfection 👌🏻
They have such a wide range of spurs but I went for the soft touch, as in side saddle in particular one must be very particular with her aids.
They didn’t disappoint and are now a key tool in my schooling – I’ll be interested to see how Paddy responds showjumping in them too.
I purchased these and the spur straps from Ayr Equestrian 😁a great shop; whenever they have a stand at Olympia or Hickstead I never leave empty handed!

Check out more of their Stübben UK & Irelandgoodies;

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