Stinky Stuff Shampoo

So we’ve been testing Stinky Stuff on gorgeous Poppy for a while now and now was the ultimate test…. the post haircut bath!
So the Popster is quite often itchy after a bath, what with all that loose hair and exposed skin, so we took the opportunity to strike while the iron was hot (and the weather for that matter) and once again we used the Stinky stuff carrier oil with the shampoo base.
The next day was a similar story to her previous ‘morning after the bath night before’ – no itchy marks and her skin wasn’t flakey! Result!
Poppy’s owner and I are both in agreement that this product is the bees knees for itchy horses – mixing the two products together isn’t too much faff and its easy to use. Proof is in the pudding, how fabulous does Poppy look? 😀

Thank you Stinky Stuff, you’ve totally changed Poppy’s summer, she’ll be wowing the judges with her shiny non itchy coat whilst out competing!

#allysnexttopmodel #allyapproved #stinkystuff#popthequestion


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