So Horslyx are a British based company, pretty well known in the horsey world for their non traditional form of balancers – the lick entitled “The Feed in a Tub”. They do these in a variety of flavours such as Garlic, Respiratory and the one I am reviewing today, Original.
Initially the packaging is good – the box easy to open and the smell hits you straight away, it smells pretty good.

What I liked: I’ve had it in my stable for about 3 weeks now and its lasting well. Pimms is well covered anyway so Vitamin-wise I’m not seeing any vast improvements, but then he’s not losing condition either.Its keeping him busy whilst being stuck in every other day, and as the owner of horse with stable vices having a product that keeps my horse busy is important, so this ticks that box.

What I didn’t like: The mess, oh god the mess! Pimms’ pink nose and white chin is caked in the stuff. Its not the easiest to get off and he has managed to wipe it over our walls too. I’ve used about 2 or 3 baby wipes to get if off, and in the past I’ve even resorted to warm soapy water, still finding brown sticky patches on his chin. So that’s not good!

Stockists: Found these available at every tackshop in my local area and online too.

Price: Pretty fair, I paid £10.75 at Ingatestone for a 5kg, so for just over a tenner and its lasted this long I think its good value for money.

Score: 4 out of 5 – Its Ally Approved! Definitely something you can leave in your horse’s stable/ field and know they’ll be kept busy – plus it lasts so you won’t have to keep going out and replacing it.Just wish it wasn’t so messy as I’m getting through a fair few wipes!

Thank you to Horslyx and Ingatestone Saddlery Centre.

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