Bedmax Shavings

Why Bedmax?
Why not!

These shavings are by far the very best I’ve ever used – the fact that they have the “Royal stamp” speaks for itself.
However if you’re not a fan of big flakes, then this isn’t the bedding for you.
If you’re a fan of an easy bed to muck out of a morning, dust free and affordable to buy then these are deffo the shavings for you.
I personally find the bigger flakes more absorbent than Mega Spread, and converted over from them for that very reason. Plus they’re more readily available compared to Mega Spread. Bedmax is used and endorsed by top event riders such as William Fox Pitt and Ben Hobday – and it’s easy to see why these guys use it; I can imagine on a large scale yard it would be so so labour saving being on this stuff.

Be sure to check out their website
#producttesting #allyapproved

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